Thursday, 20 September 2012

Weekend Getaway!

I always love going on "mini vacations" for the weekend. Especially when they involve going to the states. 

Marc and I are taking off tomorrow for Buffalo for Friday and Saturday and I cannot wait! I always get so excited to shop in stores like Target and love to check out all of the different products carried at Walmart that we can't get here.

I'm usually one of those people that likes to pack a few days in advance, just to make sure I have everything needed, even if it is just for one night. My biggest weakness is packing my overnight makeup bag. What can I say, I like variety.


A few of these products have been numbered, because they always seem to end up being staples in my makeup bag.

1 - MAC Superdupernatural Blush - this always seems to make it into the final selection of products due to its versatility. This came out with Holiday 2009 along with Conjure Up from my last post. It is a colour that goes with everything, and it doesn't matter what I do on the eyes, it always works.

2 - MAC Trax Eyeshadow - I'm so not a purple eye shadow girl, except for this colour. It is a midtone purple with gold shimmer, and it is fabulous for green eyes. It is also the only purple I've used that doesn't make me look like I have a black eye. It's definitely a must have fall colour.

3 - I have FINALLY hit pan on this HG highlight eye shadow. NARS Abyssinia is the PERFECT inner corner/brow highlight that I've ever seen. It's a light porcelain colour with subtle shimmer. I find that it perfects any look without any chalkiness. I have finally hit pan after using this product almost every day for the past 2 years, and will repurchase in a heartbeat.

4 - Speaking of hitting pan, I am slowly getting through my MAC Studio Fix Powder in N4. It was too light for me over the summer, but now that I've lost what little tan I had, I can finally start using it. I usually will use it on its own, but have brought it as a setting powder this time for a flawless look. I would recommend this to anyone that is combo/oily skin, and wants a matte, smooth finish with little effort.

I always seem to over pack when it comes to my makeup bag, but I just love all of these products and get so excited to get back into using my staples. Maybe I'll find some great stuff to try while we're in the state as well!

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