Friday, 14 September 2012

On a kick - My Fall Blushers

Since I enjoyed writing about my fave Fall scents, I couldn't help but want to post a little something about my favourite blushes (or blushers, as some call it), for this time of year as well. I like to consider myself a "blushoholic". If there was only one makeup product that I go gaga for, it would be blushes.

I have a variety of colours that I always seem to gravitate towards for autumn. The first two are from NARS.

Top: NARS Madly Blush - This is a more recent blush to come to my collection. It is probably one of NARS' more understated blushes. It looks quite brown in the pan, but on my skin, it comes off as more of a pinky/tawny contour colour. I first heard about this colour from my favourite youtube guru: Michele1218, and even though she has more of a medium/olive complexion, she constantly raved about this blush. When I was at work (Sephora), any clients with a similar complexion to hers that were looking for a new blush were shown this one. It always looked amazing on them, and one day I decided to give it a go. After wearing it for a few hours, a client had asked me what blush I had on, and commented on how great my cheeks looked. I was instantly sold.

Bottom: NARS Exhibit A - Scary, right? Let me just say that this blush is incredibly pigmented, as almost all NARS blushes are. Most of their blushes only need a light hand to make them work. This is no exception. I was mostly drawn to this colour due to how bright it was, and with a fluffy brush, I gave it a go. This blush gives the skin a very natural look, believe it or not. When applied, it looks like I had been outside in the cold for a while, which is a look that I personally love. I find that if I work this mostly on the cheekbone, towards the hairline, it gives a defined cheek, that has more of a red base than orange. I highly recommend this blush, as I believe it looks great on all skin tones.

Last, but certainly not least is my favourite blush for fall/winter - MAC's Conjure Up.

Unfortunately, this blush is limited edition from Holiday 2009 (that long ago?), however I'm sure it can be duplicated with another brand. I have read that MAC's Warm Soul is close, just not as berry coloured, as well as Milani Rose D'Oro. I know that Milani is harder to find in Canada, however I wouldn't be surprised if it is lurking somewhere that I don't know about. I mostly fell in love with this blush due to how gorgeous it was in the pan, but now that I've started to reach for it more, it's a blush I definitely get the most compliments on. It is such a great tone of wine/berry, and because it is a mineralized blush, it has a gorgeous sheen that gives a glow to the cheeks without looks shiny on my oily skin. It wears amazingly during the day, and gives the cheeks such a nice pop with a more smokey eye. 

I have really enjoyed taking a little spin on this blog, and throwing in a little bit of beauty as well as what has been going on in my life. Updates to come! :)

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