Sunday, 24 February 2013

Marc's Birthday Weekend

Marc and I just got back from a fabulous weekend away in Niagara Falls. We spent 2 nights at the Four Points by Sheraton hotel which is attached to the Fallsview Casino. We also spent an afternoon shopping in the states, and I was very proud of myself. I picked up two makeup products that I have been lusting for. One of them isn't available in Canada, and the other was such a good deal, I couldn't pass it up.

The first one I grabbed is the L'Oreal Infallible Eyeshadow in Amber Rush. I would describe it as a very warm, antiqued rose gold colour. We are very lucky in Canada to have a great selection of the Infallible eyeshadows, however, this is the colour we are definitely missing out on. 

I haven't played with it much yet, but I know I am going to love it. It reminds me a bit of MAC's Woodwinked eyeshadow, but I find this is lighter, and is every so slightly on the pink side. Plus, it has an amazing sheen. It's like metallic love.

I also grabbed Revlon's Coral Reef Super Lustrous Lipgloss. I have never been a lip gloss gal, only because of the lasting power, and that they didn't have enough pop. I always associated lip gloss with sheer colour, and while working at Sephora, I always wanted that extra oomph that a gloss wasn't giving me. Now, I've realized that they are great for my new office setting. 

I've never tried these Revlon glosses before, and I am seriously a fan! I love that it's not sticky, and has a buttery smoothness on the lips. I also really like the lasting power it gives as well. I will be buying more down the road for sure.

I also found some great clothing at Target for my spring wardrobe, and purchased a fragrance from Sephora that I will be doing a post on as well! Definitely stay tuned!

Thanks again to my fiance as well. He made it such a great weekend, and I really loved how much time we got to spend together. I hope he had an amazing birthday, and enjoyed the weekend as much as I did. xo

Monday, 18 February 2013

Project 10 Pan - Update #3

Sorry I've been MIA lately. It's been a whirlwind with my new job lately, and I have been house sitting for a few weeks now as well. Today is Family Day, and since I'm lucky enough to get an extra day off for the weekend, I decided to take some time and give you an update on my P10P. 

I'm not going to lie, I've completely failed. I've bought a few makeup items such as lipgloss, but I definitely haven't been shopping like I used to. It's become more about using up everything else, and adding bits to my collection that are unique, and that I am actually using along with my other products. 

I haven't officially used up anything else that was from the original items of my P10P, but I do have a post coming soon that will show some other empties, which is exciting. For now though, here is my progress:

 I have to say that I still can't believe that this guy is still going. He's almost 3 years old, and really should be thrown out, but I am still determined to finish it. I've finally hit pan on the middle colour, and have a funny feeling I will be calling quits once the lightest colour runs out. It still seems to be the best colour for my brows right now. 

 MAC's Brulee eyeshadow is still going as well. I haven't been reaching for this one as much as I should. My NARS Abyssinia seems to be used more than this one, so I need to focus on this colour again and finally use it up.

I'm getting near of the end of this EOS balm as well. Another week or two and she should be finished.

I'm now over half way through this Maybelline concealer -whoohoo!

Unfortunately, there is one product that bit the dust before it was fully used up - you guessed it - my Benefit Hoola Bronzer. I worked my way to hitting the edge of the pan, and from there it started to crumble and break away from the sides. I tried to save it, however most of the time the chunks got stuck in my Sigma F20 brush that I use for my bronzer, and I wore most of it. Needless to say, I finally was fed up, and chucked it. I've now started to use Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer, and let me tell you, it's amazing. I think I'm more addicted to the smell, but it's also a great colour for fair skin.

I also wanted to show you another product that I'm close to using up as well, which is very similar to the MAC Studio Fix powder I had before:

This is Sephora Mattifying Foundation in the colour R20, which is one that I only can get away with in the winter months. Since I'm so close to being done this as well, I thought that I would add it to this since it's a makeup item, and most of my empties I still have to blog about are skincare related. So, this is something else I plan to finish up, and will be one less thing sitting in my makeup drawer. So excited!

So, that's all for my P10P so far! I'm getting much better at using things up while house sitting, since I didn't bring my entire collection, and can focus on products that don't get enough love.

Hope everyone is doing well, and I'll try to post again soon once we're back home, and I can show all of my empties. :)