Thursday, 13 September 2012

Fall Fragrances

Fall is most definitely my favourite time of the year. The leaves changing colours. Getting to pull out some of my most cozy sweaters. Thanksgiving and Hallowe'en. Who wouldn't love this time of year? 

One thing that I get very excited about is not only changing up my makeup, but also my fragrances. There have been 2 contenders that I know will be my signature Fall Fragrances for 2012.

The first is my most beloved Twilight Woods from Bath and Body Works. This is a scent that I rocked all of Fall and Winter of 2011, and have brought it back out for this time of year. With notes of Sparkling Mandarin, Juicy Berry, Coconut, Musk, Honeysuckle, and Vanilla, this is my "cozy sweater" fragrance. 

I have a full size body splash that I keep with my other fragrances, and a travel size in my purse to touch up during the day. I usually gravitate towards sweet, fruity scents in the summer, so this scent is definitely autumn worthy.

My next newest love for fragrances has become Prada Candy.

Now, this is a scent that I loved from the moment I smelled it. Prada Candy is described as a "gourmand" fragrance, with notes such as caramel and musk. It starts off quite sweet, and ends with a warm, slightly oriental base. I have been told from a few of my friends it reminds them of an "old lady" scent, which for me, I think about perfumes with patchouli, or heavily scented florals. I feel like this is something I can wear that would be more complimentary than overwhelming on the skin. I am really excited to try some scent layering with this, and see what concoctions I can come up with. :)

What are some of your favourite scents for this time of year?

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