Sunday, 16 September 2012

My Engagement!

Sometimes I’m still in awe that I am someone’s fiancé. It’s amazing that even after a little over 2 months of being engaged I always get asked how Marc proposed. I can’t help but smile and think “I can barely remember.” It was such an unexpected surprise, but after a little bit of time I can put the pieces together, and finally get the words out.

Marc proposed on June 29th, after a great day of spending time with my dad and sister. I was incredibly lucky to have her home for a few weeks. She flew in from BC to spend some quality time with us, which I was so excited for. For the entire week leading up to the proposal, Carrie kept asking me questions about weddings and marriage, such as if I would take Marc’s last name, or if we would do a destination wedding. She had known about the proposal since Christmas, and knew it would happen while she was here for a visit.

That Friday night, we decided to have a bon fire, and Marc and Carrie had gone shopping for fireworks, and sparklers. Since we were staying in, I changed into my jogging pants, washed my face, and headed outside. Carrie had made a comment about me taking off my makeup, and I, not realizing what was going on, told her that I was going to get comfy so it might as well come off.

We sat outside together having some laughs, roasting some marshmallows, watched Carrie climb a tree, and waited for it to get dark out. Marc came into the house to get the sparklers, and fireworks and met Carrie outside. Dad and Carrie set up an area where we could shoot them off, and Marc and I sat together for a moment of silence. Marc then proceeded to tell me he had a present for me from Montreal. I was surprised by this since he had already been back for a week and didn’t say anything before. He handed me a paper bag with Smurf figurines.

I pulled the first one out to find a Smurf dressed in a white tuxedo and didn’t think anything of it. Marc and I didn’t have any inside jokes or memories so I thought it was a little strange. I also pulled out Smurfette in a wedding dress and set them down. I completely didn’t clue in, and due to it being dark outside, I said thank you and didn’t think anything else. Then Marc said he had another gift, and presented me with the ring. I sat there, in complete shock, not realizing what was happening. I looked at it and asked: “What’s that for?”

Who asks that question???? Oh right, ME!

Marc told me that it was a ring, and that he was asking me to marry him. I sat there in silence looking puzzled, and finally said yes! I then started to cry, which is classic Ashley. The fireworks went off, and it made the moment even more special.  I told Carrie and Dad the news and went inside to call my Mom. She couldn’t stop crying and was super ecstatic. Carrie was taking a lot of pictures, and captured Marc and I after I said yes. I was such a hot mess, but didn’t even care. It was worth it.

I also made sure to get a picture of the ring the next morning, in all it’s sparkling glory.

I woke up feeling like it was all a dream until I looked down. Marc did such an amazing job with the ring. It screams Ashley. It was custom made by Marc’s cousin, Denis Bizier, who is a jeweler in Montreal. Marc had been conversing back and forth with Denis about style and look, and that he wanted to be as unique as they come. I have had so many compliments on it, and know that I will never get sick of looking down at it.

We haven’t set a date yet, or done a lot of planning, which is okay, because I'm really enjoying being engaged. We definitely want to wait until we are fully settled and then we can start to make some definite plans. I am so incredibly lucky just to have Marc in my life, and feel that he has been worth the wait. I never thought I would ever find anyone like him, and can't wait to be his wife!

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