Thursday, 8 September 2011


... could've possibly been the best day ever? Ha! I wouldn't go that far, however it was a pretty fantastic day. 

I spent the morning dying my hair. I decided to go for something a little more intense, and had nothing but compliments from complete strangers my entire day. Talk about a confidence boost! It really just turned out the colour it normally is, however just dyed hair looks that much better. I'll give it a few days, and no one will say anything I'm sure. 

So, as it was time to head to work, I left a few minutes early so I could go over to Danier Leather. I had seen a really cute little messenger bag online for $49, and was curious to see it in person. Little did I know that when I walked in, my DREAM BAG would be displayed right at the front of the store!!!! I have always wanted a Balenciaga bag, and know that I could never afford it. Even if I could afford it, at a hefty $1800-$2000, I would have the biggest buyers remorse of my life. That being said, I am constantly on the lookout for "inspired" bags that are still great quality. I have been looking online for months, and low and behold, she was waiting for my in Kitchener. I hummed and hawed over getting the bag, as I went back and forth and looked at other items in the store, but my eye kept wandering back to it. I tried it on in different colours, and finally decided to bite the bullet. I looked at the price tag - $149. I put it back down until I realized that was the SALE price, as she was originally $349! Thats when I picked her back up and ran to the cash desk. I cuddled with her all day... :)

Definitely was the best part of my day! I feel giddy like a school girl! Who knew a bag would make me so happy! Teehee!

I worked with some fantastic clients last night as well. I had a few $100-$300 baskets leaving our store, and really great clients to work with. I even had a client pull my boss aside and tell her how amazing I was with her. That will make anyone's day, that's for sure. 

To finish the night, even after my shift I stopped by Tim Hortons to get a small French Vanilla Cappuccino to warm me up in this cold soggy weather. The gal at the drive thru was complimenting me on my hair colour and cut, told me that it really suited me, and that the boys should "watch out". :) 

And that was my yesterday. 


  1. Only you could cuddle with a bag all night..haha

    and the boys better watch out cuz I'll punchasize their face for free!