Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Spending Some Much Needed Time With Family

I went to Brantford to drop off my ring to be resized, and alas, the jeweler is on vacation. The girl told me that my ring wouldn't be sent out until Sept 24th. I decided there was no way I was going without it for that long. So, I went to Claire's and bought a ring snuggie. Its a little piece of clear plastic tubing that has a slit to fit over the ring. Apparently the ring from Marc is a size 7, and my ring finger was sized to a 5.5! I guess my cousin Steph and I were right - we both got the 'carni hands'. Must be from the Pratt side. Ha! I'll take the ring back to Brantford in October, but until then, I'd rather have it on my finger, than sitting in a safe at the jewelers.

Afterwards, I headed to Hamilton to spend some time with Noelle and Chloe! I got there earlier than expected and we had a lovely visit together. Noelle showed me all sorts of really cute outfits she has accumulated in the last while, as well as some great toys. We grabbed some takeout for lunch, and had a really great visit. I forgot to bring my camera, but wanted to get some pictures of Chloe sitting in her new Bumbo, so here they are! 
Best smile ever, too bad its blurry.
Much better! She's definitely going to break some hearts!

She's such an incredibly happy baby. Hardly any fussing whatsoever, and shes constantly moving about and talking up a storm in her blabbering baby talk. At 3 months old, I've already noticed her huge personality, and cannot WAIT for her to get old enough to really have some fun with her. I totally plan on living up to my 'Cool Aunt Ashley' name. :) Christmas is going to so much fun this year!

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  1. THANK YOU SO MUCH for posting the pictures! I really miss that little girl... can't believe I have to wait until November to see her.