Monday 12 September 2016

Autumn Has Arrived In Alberta

I can't believe that is the second week of September! It feels and looks like fall in our little town already - the trees are changing, the nights are cold, and the sun is setting early now. It isn't even official yet, but I guess no one told mother nature.

Marc is back to school, and I have been home. This is the beginning of my second week and I have felt really accomplished. Since we are trying to save money, I am mainly at home during the day. Cleaning and cooking have become apart of my daily routine and I'm getting really good at being a "house wife." I even rearranged our entire pantry today. 

I know that for most people, that would be a boring day. I, however, have really been enjoying being at home. The one thing that I've noticed is how relaxed I feel. I am making healthier choices when it comes to meals and snacks. I am making sure I drink lots of water, too. I think this all has helped my overall well-being and I feel great. I honestly didn't think I would be happy being at home, but it has given me lots of time to reflect on my life and what my next steps will look like. I am welcoming this time as an opportunity to really figure out what I want to do with my life and career, and am thankful that we are able to afford for me to be at home.

Friday 12 August 2016

Working Through Difficult Times

So, as you can see, I've been neglecting my little corner of the internet universe. I have been feeling like something is missing in my life and I realized that I missed having this outlet to speak my mind. I'm really looking forward to getting back into posting on here again.

Well, where to start? The school year came and went and I'm not sad to see it go. As much as I loved working at the school, there have been some major changes happening within our board. The biggest change was that a lot of people were let go due to cutbacks and I was one of many to be let go. 

We also had to put our cat down at the end of the school year as well. She was an adopted cat and we had her for 7 years. Unfortunately, she just got old on us, and before we knew it, she was showing signs of being in pain. That is when we made the choice to say goodbye. She was a good kitty and it was one of the hardest decisions we have had to make so far in our lives. 

Needless to say, Marc and I had a pretty rough couple of weeks near the end of June. I went through a lot of emotions from being angry, to sad, to just being apathetic towards everything in my life. I felt like all of the work I had made to better myself had been washed away. It felt like a weight had been added to my shoulders that I just couldn't shake. I wasn't sure how to get out of the slump, but I needed to do something.

So everyday I made sure to do something nice for myself. I would take an extra long shower. I would journal. I would spend time doing things that would make me happy or feel accomplished. Before I knew it, I was starting to feel better. Marc and I did some traveling around the province. We went camping and got back to nature. We spent time in the mountains. It was so nice to be out together, as well as have time to work on ourselves.

I also wrote myself a love letter. Yes, I said it. I realized that as much as I had been grateful for the support of our friends and family, I had to also understand the support I needed to give myself. I needed to hold space for myself to heal, and remind myself that I could get out of this funk. It doesn't matter if what you are going through is a big issue, or something very small, love letters can really help to get you through those hard times.

So, what is happening now? Well, I'm on the job hunt. I have started looking to see what is available in this area. My dad was here for a few weeks for a visit which was great. I wish he could stay all of the time. He definitely helped put life into perspective. I'm also working on making myself a schedule for when back to school starts. Marc will be busy, and I need to keep myself busy until I find a job. I've been feeling really good. I feel like it's time to get back into the swing of things. I'm ready for a new beginning when it comes to work, and am looking forward to the future. 

Wednesday 27 April 2016

Sorry I'm Not Sorry

I've always been one to worry about what other people think. I'm the kind of person who wants people to like me, and I try to make sure that I'm well liked by everyone. I've even been known to mold my personality to fit what someone else's version of me is, and I'm finally at a point where it needs to stop.

Redhead Mare, a fellow Canadian and Youtuber posted a video about how to stop apologizing for taking care of yourself, and to stop saying sorry for things that you shouldn't even be sorry for.

This is her video:

I can honestly say that after watching this, I sat back and started to reflect on how I do ALL of these things, and how unnecessary it is. I wrote almost an entire page in my journal about how I need to work on ways that I can say no without feeling like I need to give an explanation as to why. It isn't easy, and I've caught myself doing this a few times. It's a work in progress.

I've also been reading a new book lately that a co-worker told me about called "The Life Changing Magic of Not Giving a F*ck". I'm only half way through the book, but it has made an impact on me already. It talks about making a F*ck list, and prioritizing the f*cks you should give, and then ones you shouldn't. I love humour the author brings, as well as making sure the reader knows that it is super important to cut out the crap in your life. I'd recommend reading it, and would love to hear your thoughts.

So, don't feel bad about saying no, and certainly don't apologize for it. You have standards, and if someone doesn't meet them, well it's time to walk away. We only get one shot at this life, and you deserve to fill it with nothing but positivity, love, and adventure.  

Saturday 12 March 2016

Turning 31

Tomorrow is my 31st birthday. 

Last year, when I had my big 3-0, it didn't hit me as hard as 31 is. I don't know why, but I feel so much older, and wiser in a way. When I turned 30, I felt like I was still figuring out who I was, and wasn't still completely comfortable with myself. This year, I feel like I'm finally at peace with myself, and my direction in life. It has made me so much more confident, and I've really tried hard to put myself first in everything I do.

Here are a few things that I'm lucky to have learned by the age of 31:

1. Love comes in all forms, and you are allowed to feel love for others in any way your heart wishes to. You possess endless amounts of love, and just because you love one person, doesn't mean it takes away from loving others just as much. There is no limit to how much love you can give, in any way you choose to give it.

2. Your body is perfect just the way it is, and never let anyone make you believe otherwise. There are things you can always change about it, but make sure you are doing this for yourself, and no one else. There may be things that you can't change, and that's okay, too. Regardless of your shape, size, weight or height, learning to love your body is the most important thing. When you accept your body, your paradigm shifts, and you start to accept other parts of yourself just as easily.

3. Not all relationships end because you stopped loving someone, or they stopped loving you. Sometimes circumstances change. Sometimes that person changes, or their values change. Sometimes goals get in the way, or distance. You can still be head over heels in love with someone, and things just don't work out. 

4. There is a difference between having family, and having relatives. Family can be blood related, or people you have only known for 6 months. Family is surrounding yourself with people you love, not because of obligation.

5. Never apologize for putting yourself first, or standing up for what you believe in. You are a person that matters, and your opinions and thoughts are valid. You do not have to say sorry for speaking your mind. Words such as "Sorry, but..." should never exist as the beginning of a sentence.  

6. Comparison is a time and energy waster, and is extremely harmful to the way you feel about yourself. I used to compare myself to other people all of the time. I also compared my relationship with others as well. It took a toll on my self worth, and made me feel so insignificant to others. Something in my brain finally clicked one day, and I realized that I needed to focus on all of the wonderful things I had in my life, and not to worry about what others were doing with theirs. If you can do the same, I guarantee that you will be amazed at the amount of wonderful things you have to be grateful for. 

Last, but not least:

7. It does not matter what other people think of you. You were not put on this earth to fulfill other people's ideas of who you should be. I cannot stress this one enough. You will meet people that will project unrealistic expectations of where you should be in your life, and what you should be doing. You do you, and if who you are supposed to be doesn't match their ideal "you", then forget them. You deserve to be the most authentic (insert name here) that you can be. 

Thanks for reading!


Wednesday 17 February 2016

Living Intentionally - Forming Authentic Relationships

Since my journey to a simplicity and minimalism, I've really started to work on living intentionally in all aspects of my life. I downsized the amount of items I own, and my relationships with others that don't serve me anymore. I've taken steps to simplify and dispose of those relationships, and now it's time to focus on the ones that truly matter.

To be honest, it isn't something that can happen overnight. I've learned that I need to make sure that I'm always present in the moment with that person I'm connecting with. Also, I need to really listen, with the intention of connecting, and having a true understanding of what the other person is trying to say. I think it's also important to understand the difference between really connecting with someone, and just mindless conversation. I personally am not a fan of small talk, although I use it quite often. I use it because I'm usually in a situation where I am with others I don't always feel connected to, which is mostly at work. I enjoy my job, and the people, but there are only a few co-workers that I care to have a great connection with.

I found the first step was to build a wonderful relationship with myself. I needed to understand what self care looked like and how to make sure that I am the most important person in my world. I feel much more confident, settled, calm and overall happy because I have taken a lot of time to really learn who I am. I needed to start with myself before anyone else. I've always put others before me, and it was my time to take the wheel.

I am now starting to really examine the relationships I have with others and how I can be as authentic and real with them as possible. I've never really thought about my friendships before, and I used to think I was a crappy friend. I was never good about getting back to people, or making plans. I'm now starting to realize it was because I wasn't really connecting with these individuals, and I was trying too hard to make our friendship work. Needless to say, I was mostly indifferent towards my relationship with them, and that is not the way I want to be now.

I now see the error in my ways before, and even though I identify with being a bit of an introvert, I have made connections with others whom I truly feel are supposed to be apart of my life for the long haul. I feel so lucky to have met a few people in my town who I feel I connected to emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually. It's changed my perspective on what real connections to others can be like. 

I encourage you to do the same; to take the time to understand what you need from other people, and to not pair yourself with others who do not meet your needs. It's an incredibly fantastic feeling, and I couldn't be happier on this journey.

Saturday 30 January 2016

My Makeup Collection and Storage 2016

Since I've been on a path to simplifying my home, my makeup collection has significantly decreased in size. I used to have shelves and drawers full of items, and now I'm down to a single drawer in my vanity. 

I purchased my vanity in the "AS IS" section at Ikea. It is actually a MICKE desk, which can be found here: . I purchased the desk for $68 CAD, and luckily for me, it was already assembled when we brought it home.

As you can see, my lipsticks, brushes, fragrances, and larger items still live on top of the vanity. I don't mind having them there as I find myself reaching for most of those products on a daily basis, so it keeps me in check when it comes to using products up. 

Here is a closer look at my fragrances:

As you can see, most of my fragrances are from Bath and Body Works. I love the idea of putting on a body spray in the morning so that when I go to work, I'm not overpowering the classroom, or setting any of the children off who may have allergies. I love that they linger only slightly throughout the day.

For my lipsticks, glosses, and larger products:

I've worked really hard to use up a lot of my older lipsticks. I've replaced some of them with more inexpensive alternatives since I don't wear a lot of bright, matte colours anymore. Wet N Wild Mega Last lipsticks have been wonderful for this. I found a few dupes to some of my favourite MAC lipsticks, and was quite happy to save some money.

And now for the inside of the drawer:

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this is it. I have downsized significantly since 2013-2014, and I am really pleased with my collection now. I find that I am actually using all of my items on a regular basis, and after many years of trial and error, I've really made peace with myself that I have the best products that work for me. I was always one to get sucked into trying new things, because I was always looking for the next best thing. Now, I feel that all of my favourite items are in one spot, and I have cut back on buying makeup just to be "on trend". 

I would love to even downsize further, but I am going to do so at my own pace. I have a few things that could probably go, but I would rather use them up than throw them away just so I could have less. It's been a long journey, but I am proud of myself that I was able to bring this collection down to a manageable size. It definitely takes the guess work out of getting ready in the morning, while still having options to change up my look. I hope you enjoyed.

Thanks for reading!

Wednesday 27 January 2016

Let's Talk - hosted by Bell and Bell Media

Today is a pretty special day. One of Canada's largest phone and media companies is hosting their annual "Let's Talk" day. The idea behind it is to raise awareness and to end the stigma around the idea that any mental issues you have make you look "crazy" or "not normal." This includes raising money, having others share their stories, and understanding that we all battle inner demons. 

Since my path to simplicity and the idea of minimalism, I have taken steps to not only de-clutter my home, but also to de-clutter my life. This includes cutting out unhealthy relationships, unhealthy situations, and unhealthy behaviours that used to be part of my everyday routine. 

While this is still a work in progress, one major thing I have noticed is the state of my mental health and well being. I am much more focused on the important stuff, and have realized that there is absolutely nothing wrong with cutting people and situations out of our lives to take care of ourselves. I am going to be quite honest by saying that there are relatives of mine that I have removed because of this. Certain family members of mine feel that, in order to keep peace, they still need to keep in contact with them. They feel obligated to attend family functions and "put up" with those other family members. I understand there are times where this is unavoidable, but please don't do it for the sake of pleasing other people. 

After a nasty email from my grandmother a few years ago, I have decided to cut her off completely. It wasn't a case of revenge or creating ripples in our family, it was a necessary step to take for myself. Now, not to get into too much detail, but I've never been close to my grandmother my entire life. I didn't go to her house on weekends to bake cookies. I've never had a phone call from her 'just because.'  She was someone I only saw twice a year, and she lived 10 minutes from my house. After her email, I realized that was the last page of that chapter in our relationship, and I was ready to close the book for good. I've never looked back. 

Back to where I was going with this - it really is all about self care, and how you can take steps to calm down when you are feeling anxious and off set. My journey has taught me that a lot of the issues I was having was because of a life time of trying to please other people. I know now that I was taking away from the person I'm supposed to become. 

I'm not afraid to tell you that I have had issues with anxiety, having panic attacks, going to be at 7:30 pm because I just couldn't deal with the outside world. I've always been a bit of an introvert, but this was to the point where I'd rather be in bed than see anyone, including my spouse. The depression came in waves, especially during my cycle, since my hormones have always been out of whack. I felt like I was a basket case at times and had a hard time learning to love myself. 

I took action, and started seeking help. I talked to my friends, family, to Marc. I read a lot of self help books, blogs and watched a lot of Youtube videos about other people's struggles. I also took a lot of time to focus on myself. I knew when I needed to take a break, and that I had no issues with disconnecting to focus on myself. I started to see real progress, and even though I'm still taking baby steps, I've come leaps and bounds compared to who I was 3 years ago. 

I'm not alone in this, and neither are you.

I don't know how many people will read this, or if anyone will find this helpful, but that's okay. It's now out there for other people to read, and hopefully see that regardless of what you are going through, you are strong and you can do this. Not everyone will understand, but it isn't their journey, it's yours. You have the power to do whatever you please to become who you were meant to be.


Wednesday 30 December 2015

Looking Back on 2015

     I must say that 2015 was a great year. Marc and I spent a family vacation in Las Vegas. We bought a house. We built our relationships with friends to an even deeper level. I also started the on a journey towards a minimalist lifestyle that has now completely changed the way I look at our lives, as well as my perspective on consumerism.

I'll start from the beginning. 

     I always thought that being a minimalist meant you had to live out of a backpack, have dreadlocks and eat granola. I thought that it was about being a free spirit and never settling down anywhere for a long period of time. It was a lifestyle that I admired, however after doing some research, I realized that I was definitely wrong about what minimalism was.

     I somehow stumbled across a Youtube account of a woman who decided that she wanted to change the way she was living her life. She decided to document her journey after she read a very popular book this year called "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up" by Marie Kondo. In her video she described Marie's approach to de-cluttering your space, and only owning items that are useful to you, or things that you love. After watching that video, I tracked down the book and read it from cover to cover. I loved the idea of only owning a small selection of items, and was elated with the idea of not having clutter around me. I started to follow Marie's methods, and after a few days, I had 4 garbage bags of clothing and shoes to donate to Goodwill. 

     This method wasn't exactly new to me, as I've always been someone who was good about going through their items every so often and doing a purge. The issue was that I would turn around and buy more items to replace the ones I was getting rid of, and starting the vicious cycle over and over again. When Marc and I lived in our 1 bedroom apartment in the city, I always felt like it was such a mess all of the time.

      Now looking back I realize that it wasn't because we were messy people, it was because we owned WAY too many things that we didn't use, and didn't have room for. I felt like not only that our home was cluttered, but so were our minds. There was too much to look at, to clean around, and too much to dig through when trying to find anything. Looking back, I wish I could yell at my younger self not to hoard, but to downsize and not fall into the trap of consumerism. That it took longer to search for what I was looking for, than to just throw out the junk in that drawer, cupboard or even closet. 

     While pitching my clothing and stuffing it into those garbage bags, I not only felt a sense of relief, but a sense of hope. I was ready in that moment to change the way I viewed my life and the things around me. I no longer had sentimental attachment to things I was told to have attachment to anymore. I didn't need trinkets, and figurines, and all of those items that you are told to have out so they collect dust. I packed them up and sent them to Value Village. It was the most freeing feeling I had felt in a long time.  

     I then moved onto my most beloved items - my makeup. Yes, I was actually able to pass on items and throw things out that I wasn't using. I would go in rounds of the things I wasn't sure of, and eventually they would make their way to the garbage can. I had so much stuff that I had forgotten about items that had been pushed to the back of my drawers. I was about to get my collection down to a good size, and it made me excited. 

      Even though we bought a house, I still have been making sure that we aren't filling it with stuff. Marc has been awesome through this process, and we are working to make sure that everything we own has a place. We need to work on a few spaces around the house that aren't completely being used to their potential, however, we have made leaps and bounds thus far. My ultimate goal is to downsize even more throughout 2016, and working at it bit by bit has really worked well for me.

     I've come to realize that even though I can't see myself becoming a true "minimalist", I do see myself as someone who isn't surrounded by items. I am working towards being someone who doesn't need to organize constantly because I won't have drawers and cupboards filled with things that I never use. I want to have a warm and welcoming home that you feel comfortable in without having to fill it full. 

     I am really proud of the progress I have made so far. I feel that even though it might not look like much progress to others, I have come a long way from where I was. This idea has made such a significant impact on who I am becoming as a person, and I want to continue to work towards this awesome idea of simple living.

      Thanks for reading! I hope that I have given you some insight on what minimalism looks like to me and how it could help you if you're feeling overwhelmed by the things around you. 

Happy New Year! What are your goals for 2016? 

Until next time!


Saturday 5 December 2015

20 Random Questions

1.What's your favourite Dr. Seuss book?
- I love the book "Oh, the Places You'll Go". Even as an adult, it is very inspiring.

2.If you could live in any home on a television series, what would it be?
- Well this one is easy, it would be Penny's apartment on the Big Bang Theory. I would just have to tidy it a bit.

3.What's the longest you've gone without sleep?

- 25 hours. It was for a Wake-a-thon.

4.What's your favourite Barry Manilow song?

- Ha, Barry Manilow. I actually really like his "Because its Christmas" album, and I love song with the same name.

5.Who's your favourite Muppet?

- It used to be Fozzie, but now that they created Pepe, I'm hooked. Have you ever watched Muppets from Space? He's hilarious!

6.What's the habit you're proudest of breaking?

- I honestly can't think of one. I guess the habit of owning back-up products of things, and shopping in general. Now that I don't work in the beauty industry, my makeup collection has dwindled.

7.What's your favourite Web site?

- That's easy. Youtube.

8.What's your favourite school supply?

- Well now that I work in a school, I would say anything to colour with. I prefer pencil crayons. 

9.Who's your favourite TV attorney?

- I got nothing.

10.What was your most recent trip of more than 50 miles?

-  My most recent would be going to see my sister in the mountains. We were there in August.

11.What's the best bargain you've ever found at a garage sale or thrift store?

- I found a really nice leather crossbody bag for $6. It was exactly what I have been looking for and wore it a lot.

12.Where were you on September 11, 2001?

- Was in Grade 11. I remember going for lunch downtown with some friends, and seeing footage on a television at the local restaurant. I remember thinking that it was a movie trailer until realizing it was real life. Most of the students went back to school and watched the news for the rest of the day. We were all devastated, and scared for New York. We were also on alert because no one really knew if anything would happen to us or not. Those memories are still as vivid as ever.

13.What's your favourite tree?

- A Christmas tree. Well, a Balsam Fir because they make the best Christmas trees for decorating. I also love maple trees. It is the one thing we are missing in Alberta. I miss the colours they turn in the fall.

14.What's the most interesting biography you've read?

- I honestly haven't read enough biographies to choose.

15.What do you order when you eat Chinese food?

- I usually go for Sweet and Sour Chicken with fried rice. I also like Egg Foo Yong, and Spring Rolls.

16.What's the best costume you've ever worn?

- My parents made me a Glinda the Good Witch costume when I was 6 or 7. I had a tulle skirt and a sparkly crown made of glitter. I felt like a million bucks.

17.What's your least favourite word?

- Photosynthesis. I just don't like it.

18.If you had to be named after one of the 50 states, which would it be?

- If I had to choose, it would be Maryland. Then I would shorten it to Mare. Not what you were expecting right?

19.Who's your favourite Care Bear?

-  I always liked Cheer Bear, but Brave Heart Lion was pretty cool, too.

20.If you could have one superpower, what would it be?

- Teleportation. That way I would never have to worry about flying again, and I could go home every night to have dinner with my family in Ontario.

And there you have it! Let me know what some of your answers would be!

Where the Heck Have I Been?

Well, hello! I have no idea where to even start with writing this. It's been quite a while, and although I'm excited to be back, I just hope I can keep the momentum of writing again. I really missed this.

So, I guess the only place to start is from where we left off. Marc and I are now living in Alberta, just south of Edmonton. We moved out here in September 2013, and Marc is now teaching at the local high school. I also took a position at the elementary school down the street, and am working as an Educational Assistant. This year I am working in the Grade 5 classroom. It has been interesting to say the least.

We also bought a house in July! We had been renting, and knew it was time to look for something of our own. We really lucked out with buying this place, and have a fantastic backyard! It is so nice to have bonfires again. We were lucky enough to not have to worry too much about renovations. We had to patch a few walls, and paint, but that has been about it so far. This house is a modular home, and was built in 2002, so other than being a little outdated, it is in fantastic shape. The yard and deck need a little TLC, and we have to work on some landscaping, which will keep us busy in the spring.

Our wedding is also coming up. We are getting married in Las Vegas at the end of March, and I couldn't be more excited. We only have a few things left to do for the wedding, and I'm really happy that it has all been going so smoothly. 

We are also gearing up to go home for Christmas this year. We hung our Christmas lights outside at the beginning of November, and our tree went up on November 15. I know that is early for some, but I couldn't wait any longer. I wanted to get as much Christmas time in before we fly home. I just love the holiday season.

I guess that is it for now. I have a few posts coming up soon, so stay tuned for those. Thank you for reading!

Saturday 9 March 2013

Empty Products! Spring 2013

Happy March everyone! I'm so glad that March is finally here. The weather is slowly starting to get warmer, and soon this snow will be gone! I cannot wait!

I wanted to share some products that I have finally used up within the past month or so. I forgot to hold onto the products last time so I could take a photo, so this time, I remembered to start a stash. I've numbered them to make it a little easier to tell you about my thoughts with each one.

1. Soap and Glory Great Shakes Hand Cream - I have to say that this is one of my favourite hand/body creams on the market. In the USA, I have seen one called Hand Food, which has the same texture and smell as this one. This smells like their Righteous Body Butter, and soaks into the hands quickly. I will continue to purchase this once I get through some of my other creams and lotions.

2. Bath and Body Works Twisted Peppermint Shower Gel - This is a staple! I absolutely go crazy for this scent, and have 2 backups of this. Every year I stock up before they sell out, and use them throughout the year. If you haven't smelled this before, you are missing out. It is the classic mix of peppermint candy canes and vanilla. I wish it was a scent they would keep all year. 

I'll skip to #8, since it is the Triple Moisture Body Cream in the same scent. They work so well together. You can see that the packaging is different due to the Shower Gel having a 2011 label on it, vs. the 2012 label on the body cream. This made the best lotion for back massages, due to the peppermint tingle on the skin. So amazing.

3. Cake Desserted Island Hand Cream - This is the mini version that I received in a gift pack. I kept this guy in the purse, and blew through this within a month. It is amazing at hydrating my hands, but I'm not a huge fan of the scent. It has a mild pineapple/coconut scent that just doesn't cut it. I prefer it's mango scented counterpart that is in my bag right now. I'm sure it'll be featured in my next empties post.

4. The Body Shop Lip Butter in Pink Grapefruit - It took me almost a year to get through a tub of this, and I used it almost every night before bed. The lip butters are a product that I always go back to, and prefer them over my Fresh Sugar Lip Treatments. I think it's because I get tired of the lemon scent of the Fresh ones, and feel that the Body Shop butters give me that extra bit of hydration. I just love them. I'm currently using the mango one at the moment... can you see a trend?

5. Lush A Breath Of Fresh Air Toner - I bought this in the states while shopping in Buffalo, and it was just okay. I really enjoy my Tea Tree toner, as I feel that it helps with my greasy skin, but this didn't really do anything for me. 

6. Sephora Collection Instant Refreshing Toner - another product that was just okay. It was a great pick-me-up spray when I felt my skin needed a boost throughout the day, but this isn't something I would buy again. In fact, I think it's discontinued on Sephora's website. 

And last, but not least:

7. Zoya Remove+ Nail Polish Remover - Holy Grail! I used to use whatever was the cheapest at the drugstore, and my nails would peel and break. Now, I don't seem to have that problem, after splurging on this stuff, and I love it! I bought another bottle like this one, and have also purchased the gigantic one to refill the pump bottle. I feel like this stuff takes off anything with a few swipes - including glitter polish. This is something I will continue to repurchased again and again.

And there you have it. Now I can finally pitch these guys to the recycling bin, and start a new batch for empties. I'm really looking forward to using up some more products, along with some more makeup.

I am also doing some spring cleaning of my makeup collection, and have gone through my stash. I've thrown out quite a bit of stuff that has been hanging around way too long, and am excited to keep on downsizing to the things that I really love. WHOOHOO!

Sunday 24 February 2013

Marc's Birthday Weekend

Marc and I just got back from a fabulous weekend away in Niagara Falls. We spent 2 nights at the Four Points by Sheraton hotel which is attached to the Fallsview Casino. We also spent an afternoon shopping in the states, and I was very proud of myself. I picked up two makeup products that I have been lusting for. One of them isn't available in Canada, and the other was such a good deal, I couldn't pass it up.

The first one I grabbed is the L'Oreal Infallible Eyeshadow in Amber Rush. I would describe it as a very warm, antiqued rose gold colour. We are very lucky in Canada to have a great selection of the Infallible eyeshadows, however, this is the colour we are definitely missing out on. 

I haven't played with it much yet, but I know I am going to love it. It reminds me a bit of MAC's Woodwinked eyeshadow, but I find this is lighter, and is every so slightly on the pink side. Plus, it has an amazing sheen. It's like metallic love.

I also grabbed Revlon's Coral Reef Super Lustrous Lipgloss. I have never been a lip gloss gal, only because of the lasting power, and that they didn't have enough pop. I always associated lip gloss with sheer colour, and while working at Sephora, I always wanted that extra oomph that a gloss wasn't giving me. Now, I've realized that they are great for my new office setting. 

I've never tried these Revlon glosses before, and I am seriously a fan! I love that it's not sticky, and has a buttery smoothness on the lips. I also really like the lasting power it gives as well. I will be buying more down the road for sure.

I also found some great clothing at Target for my spring wardrobe, and purchased a fragrance from Sephora that I will be doing a post on as well! Definitely stay tuned!

Thanks again to my fiance as well. He made it such a great weekend, and I really loved how much time we got to spend together. I hope he had an amazing birthday, and enjoyed the weekend as much as I did. xo

Monday 18 February 2013

Project 10 Pan - Update #3

Sorry I've been MIA lately. It's been a whirlwind with my new job lately, and I have been house sitting for a few weeks now as well. Today is Family Day, and since I'm lucky enough to get an extra day off for the weekend, I decided to take some time and give you an update on my P10P. 

I'm not going to lie, I've completely failed. I've bought a few makeup items such as lipgloss, but I definitely haven't been shopping like I used to. It's become more about using up everything else, and adding bits to my collection that are unique, and that I am actually using along with my other products. 

I haven't officially used up anything else that was from the original items of my P10P, but I do have a post coming soon that will show some other empties, which is exciting. For now though, here is my progress:

 I have to say that I still can't believe that this guy is still going. He's almost 3 years old, and really should be thrown out, but I am still determined to finish it. I've finally hit pan on the middle colour, and have a funny feeling I will be calling quits once the lightest colour runs out. It still seems to be the best colour for my brows right now. 

 MAC's Brulee eyeshadow is still going as well. I haven't been reaching for this one as much as I should. My NARS Abyssinia seems to be used more than this one, so I need to focus on this colour again and finally use it up.

I'm getting near of the end of this EOS balm as well. Another week or two and she should be finished.

I'm now over half way through this Maybelline concealer -whoohoo!

Unfortunately, there is one product that bit the dust before it was fully used up - you guessed it - my Benefit Hoola Bronzer. I worked my way to hitting the edge of the pan, and from there it started to crumble and break away from the sides. I tried to save it, however most of the time the chunks got stuck in my Sigma F20 brush that I use for my bronzer, and I wore most of it. Needless to say, I finally was fed up, and chucked it. I've now started to use Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer, and let me tell you, it's amazing. I think I'm more addicted to the smell, but it's also a great colour for fair skin.

I also wanted to show you another product that I'm close to using up as well, which is very similar to the MAC Studio Fix powder I had before:

This is Sephora Mattifying Foundation in the colour R20, which is one that I only can get away with in the winter months. Since I'm so close to being done this as well, I thought that I would add it to this since it's a makeup item, and most of my empties I still have to blog about are skincare related. So, this is something else I plan to finish up, and will be one less thing sitting in my makeup drawer. So excited!

So, that's all for my P10P so far! I'm getting much better at using things up while house sitting, since I didn't bring my entire collection, and can focus on products that don't get enough love.

Hope everyone is doing well, and I'll try to post again soon once we're back home, and I can show all of my empties. :)

Sunday 13 January 2013

Project 10 Pan - Update #2

I've officially come to the conclusion that I completely suck at doing a Project Pan. The point of doing this was to use up my products, and I seem to be failing. I am using them, just not on a regular basis. Here are some pictures to show you the progress.

I FINALLY did use up my MAC Studio Fix Powder. I felt like this bad boy lasted forever. It's definitely a product I love, and will probably repurchase when I use up some other products.

I think my MAC Brulee eyeshadow was used the most out of everything. Slowly but surely I'm chipping away.

This isn't a very good photo, but here is my Hoola Bronzer from Benefit. I've realized that I don't love this bronzer, and that's why I haven't dipped into this one as much as I'd like. I prefer NARS Laguna, and Too Faced Chocolate Soleil to this.

Hello dirtbag! Look at how dirty this is! Ha! I`m almost done as well with this Anastasia Brow Kit - only because the middle colour, and dark colour are just too much for me. I was mixing the lightest and middle colour together just to use it up, but on its own, it`s just a little too bold for my liking. I swear this thing won`t die.

I`m getting so close with my EOS lip balm in sweet mint as well. Love this stuff, and have a backup when it is finished.

I don`t know if I mentioned this before or not, but my NARS eyeshadow primer is finished, as well as my another Sephora Mattifying Primer. I`m also about 1/2 way through my Maybelline concealer (which I forgot to take a picture of).

I think now that I will be working again I will start to be wearing more makeup, so I will be using more products up and getting through my stash. I haven't done much of a purge yet, only because I'm being a suck about giving up some more stuff. I think once I get into a groove of the products I reach for the most during my morning routine, I will go back and re-evaluate. 

On a side note, I cannot get over the amazing weather we are having this weekend. Yesterday, Marc and I took my dad to London for his birthday and we actually sat outside and had lunch... in January. It was fantastic. I'm already over winter, and cannot wait for Spring!

Sunday 6 January 2013

Happy Belated Holidays, and an Update.

It's now a few days into 2013, and now that the hustle and bustle of the holiday season is officially over, I can now spend sometime giving you an update.

First of all, I hope everyone had a great holiday this year. I was so fortunate to have the time off this year to spend it with family as much as possible. I got some wonderful gifts, ate way too much bad food, and now have a horrendous cold to nurse. I'm doing my best to recoup before starting my new job in a little over a week, so I've had a lot of time to relax, and reflect on 2012. It was definitely a wonderful year, and am looking forward to all of the wonderful things that 2013 has to bring.

I am still working away on my P10P , and have used up a few more things. I will definitely be doing an update in the next few weeks as to where I'm at. I've also decided that I am ready for another purge of items that I just need to let go of. Today, I spent sometime looking at my skincare items, and was able to take out some more products to give to family and friends. I seem to have a harder time giving away my makeup, however it is necessary. I have so many wonderful products, but I hardly reach for any of them. I keep making the excuse that I will use them at some point, but that never seems to happen. 

Over the Christmas season, I had a few items in mind that I was going to make an effort to use such as NARS lipstick in Red Lizard. I have yet to wear it, and its been in my possession since the summer. Maybe that is a hint - time to rethink my stash. I now will be working in an office, and it might not be considered appropriate. Same goes with some very fun, bright eyeshadows that I own. I've got a week until I start working, so I now have a project. Again, there will be an update once I get everything in order, and have the final count of products to give away.

Anywho, that is just a little recap of whats been going on. I hope everyone is doing well, and I will continue to post more regularly on here again. :)